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Home Pet Visits / Dog Walking

Personal Service

Due to my move to Wales, I am no longer offering these services.
Home Visits - Puppies

£15 for a 30 minute puppy home visit

Puppies need a great deal of love and attention, as well as extra mealtimes! A puppy visit includes a 10-15 minute walk and 10-15 minutes of play or training time at home. During these visits, I can also clean up any little “accidents”, leaving your home clean and fresh for you to enjoy with your puppy on your return.

Pop-In Home Visits - Cats and Dogs

£10 per visit (Bank holidays/Christmas/New Year visits will be 1.5 – 2 x normal rate)

I offer a home visit service for cats and dogs in Ash Vale, Ash, Ash Green, Tongham and Aldershot.
If you would rather your cats stayed in their own home when you are away, then way not try my home sitting service!
Having cats of my own, I know the stress and worry it brings when we try to go away! Although I know the benefits of kennels and catteries, I've always preferred my cats to stay in their own environment. This means they can go in and out of the house when they like and feel at ease in their own home.

My service includes once daily home visits to feed cats, empty litter trays, give medications and groom if needed.
I like to stay for as long as possible to give them lots of cuddles and company as I know I wouldn't like my own cats to feel lonely if I wasn't there!

As I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse, I am happy to administer medications such as tablets, injections and lotions. I know this can be a big relief for those of you with pets diagnosed with such illnesses as diabetes, thyroid problems or skin issues, to mention just a few.

**Please note I am now only offering one visit per day as I've just had my second child so evenings are proving too difficult to get out.

Group Dog Walking 

£15 for one hour (may be longer in nice weather!)
£26 for one hour for 2 dogs from same household

I offer a professional dog walking service in the areas of Ash Green, Ash Vale, Ash and Tongham. 
If you work and are worried about your dog being left for long lengths of time, or you are unable to take your dog out yourself, why not get a dog walker!!
Your beloved pet will enjoy a 45-60 minute walk in a woodland or common environment running and playing with other dogs. I only take friendly and well socialised dogs for group walks so they can really get the most out of their walking experience.
I will collect your pet from your house and return back home after the walk. Your dog will be with me for between 1-2 hours so you can rest assured they will be getting plenty of exercise and stimulation during their time with me and ready for a snooze when they get back home!

I am happy to have dogs off lead with your permission and after an assessment on their initial walk with me.

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