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Puppy Training

Basic Skills

I strongly believe that puppy and dog training should be fun, reward based training. In my classes you will be taught how to communicate with your dog without the need for shouting. 

Training basic commands will be taught as fun exercises rather than strict discipline, therefore keeping your puppy interested and tuned in to you. This method gives the best lasting results as your puppy learns to listen to you and wants to please and work with you.
Such training as teaching your puppy manners when letting you go through the door first is done without the need for any command at all, using simple and kind methods, we teach your puppy to ALWAYS allow you through doorways before them without you ever having to ask or tell them, only gentle reminders if needed! 

A lot of the time we humans use our voice too much around our dogs, to our dogs this can become almost like a white noise. Using our voice when appropriate, we keep our dogs tuned in to us and listening when asked to. When I train, I like to use voice commands when needed and in a positive manner. Your puppy/dog will learn a lot faster if we let them think and decide for themselves what we are expecting of them, then plenty of praise when they get it right. This leaves lasting results, rather than having to tell our puppy’s/dog’s what to do all of the time.

What's included:
Course 1 - Puppy Training

Puppy socialisation, problem solving and prevention.

Classes taken by myself, Ellen Davies IMDT on Tuesday mornings and evenings and Wednesday mornings in Llangynog, Carmarthen.

£150 for a 8 week course. Suitable for puppies from 10 weeks (Dependent on Vaccines given).

On this course we will cover:

  • Problem solving - nipping, toilet trainingjumping up (Online Videos before course starts)

  • Eye Contact - Focus Exercise

  • Sit Cue

  • Down Cue

  • Meet and greet in home and out and about - No jumping up!

  • Basic dog ownership - Leads/ID Tags/Microchips

  • Leaving your puppy - Sit/Down with duration and distance

  • Door training

  • Exercising your puppy - how often and for how long

  • Recall training - Long Lines for Outside Class!

  • Puppy play - is it appropriate? Recall from play practice!

  • Social Walk around Carmarthen Town!

  • Reading doggie body language - Hazard Avoidance!

  • Loose lead walking - Outside Class!

  • Grooming and general health

  • Targeting behaviours on an item (Down on a mat for example)

  • Scent Work - Hide and Seek!

  • Feeding puppy - what and how often - Practical Exercise!

  • Round The Clock Game - To demonstrate everything learnt in course!

  • Q&A during class - Available at every class

Note regarding payment - I ask for full course fees of £150 to be made upon booking or full consultation fee (from £65 but will be confirmed upon booking).  I accept cash or bank transfers for consultation and courses. I am afraid I will no longer be accepting cheques. Consultation can be paid by cash at the end of your session or online before I arrive.

Please note - Regrettably, we can not offer discounts, refunds or transfer classes to other courses to cover your booked holidays, sickness or inability to attend. We have a set maximum of dogs booked on to each course and so can not allow extras which would push the number over our maximum. We also have venue hire and trainer costs to consider at each class. We need to offer a continuity of service that is fair to all. When you book a place, you are securing your place and not your attendance. By paying your full course fees, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • 8 week course Tuesday 10am for Basic Puppy Training/Socialisation

    Starts Jun 4

    150 British pounds

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  • 8 week course Tuesday 6pm for Basic Puppy Training/Socialisation

    Starts Jul 9

    150 British pounds

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