Dog Training/Behaviour 




1-2-1 Consultations - I offer 1-2-1 Behavioural consultations as well as private Training sessions from £70.

Group Further Training Course - Suitable for dogs and puppies from 18 weeks. £90 for a six week course. Please see my Puppy Training page for other courses)

On this course we will cover

  • Introduction to Marker word and/or Clicker training
  • Teaching eye contact and benifits
  • Training/Shaping wanted behaviours
  • Long distance Sit
  • Long distance Down
  • Wait/Stay at a distance
  • Stand/Up
  • Recall with Finish
  • Leave
  • Scent work hide and seek
  • Heel work in the real world - outside practice!
  • Door manners
  • Introduction to Agility
  • Emergency Stop


Introduction to Competitive Obedience Course - Minimum age of six months with some level of basic training such as sit, down and recall. £90 for a six week course.

  • Recall, Retrieve
  • Heelwork
  • Turns and Abouts
  • Footwork
  • Target Training (mats)
  • Send Away
  • Instant Downs
  • Scent Work
  • Stays
  • Recall with Finish
  • Timed Stay
  • Final Week - Test!


I am a Qualified Dog Trainer offering behavioural one-to-one consultations and training sessions for you and your beloved pet. Together, we will address and resolve unwanted or distressing behaviours such as anxiety, recall problems, excessive barking, fear towards other dogs, noise anxieties and many more. This is all done using kind, reward based techniques working with the dogs natural behaviour and instincts without the use of shouting, reprimand, spray collars or other intimidating techniques.

I hold Full Membership and Dog Training OCN Qualification with the IMDT as well as a foundation and advanced certificates in PURE Dog Listener Canine Communications, I am also a qualified Veterinary Nurse so have a good background in animal health.

I always advise that you have your dog health checked by your Veterinary Surgeon before arranging an appointment with a dog behaviourist, to ensure any problems are not medically related. Being a qualified Veterinary Nurse, I can give you support and advise where health and behaviour can overlap.

On the day of your consultation we will work through the daily routine for you and your dog and address issues, no matter how big or small. I charge a flat fee for my consultations rather than an hourly rate, this is to ensure I am with you for as long as I'm needed as every consult will take different lengths of time.  At the end of your consultation a second 'back up' visit can be arranged, if needed, a few weeks later. I offer further support through email or telephone, at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
On request, I offer consultations on referral from your Veterinary practice if your dog is insured but please check with your pet insurance provider that behavioural consultations are covered on your policy. Some pet insurance companies recommend seeking behavioural advice for rescue dogs. Having rescue dogs myself, I know how distressing it can be if your pet has had a difficult past. Getting the right help can change the lives of your dog and your family ensuring a happier future for all.
The techniques I use are natural, reward based and non confontational. We work with the dogs natural instincts and behaviour rather than against it so the dog learns what is acceptible in the human world without the need for shouting, reprimand or spray collars and other gadgets. Dogs are extreamly clever so isn't it much better if they learn what is and isn't acceptible by themselves with us supporting them through their decisions in a calm mannor, rewarding and encouraging where they get it right and guiding them away when they get it wrong. The Dog Training methods I use let the dog understand us so we can all live in harmony together.


Weekdays - £70 - £160

(This will depend on the nature of the consultation but will be confirmed upon booking)


Note regarding payment - I ask for a £30 deposit to be made upon booking a course then the balance to be paid on your first class. I accept cash or bank transfers for consultation and courses. I am afraid I will no longer be accepting cheques. Consultation can be paid by cash at the end of your session or online before I arrive.

Please note, if booking on to a training course, you are charged for a six week course for the dates of that course. Classes missed will not be refunded but can be swapped if arranged in advance. This can only be offered if I have a space available on another course.



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